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Provides a seamless teaching and learning experience


EP products work with iPad and Mac to empower students to express their creativity in ways as unique as they are, so teachers can help them realise their full potential.

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EP integrates with Google Classroom to help both students and teachers organise assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication.

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Amazon AWS

EP products are all hosted in the Cloud using AWS, providing a secure and flexible environment anywhere in the world.

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EP integrates with Canvas helping to streamline all the digital tools and content that teachers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience in the classroom.

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EP integrates with Schoology to create the most comprehensive classroom solution to empower teachers with personalized learning functionality, improving education outcomes for every student.

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EP integrates directly with Schoolbox to enable the platform to connect, communicate, and collaborate with parents, teachers, students, and your broader school community.

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Box of Books

EP integrates seamlessly with Box of Books to allow for a streamlining of the login and workflow processes for teachers and students.

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EP integrates seamlessly with ReadCloud to allow for a streamlining of the login and workflow processes for teachers and students.

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EP integrates with Brightspace to allow for seamless workflows for learning and assessment, together with improved visibility of student data and insights.

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EP integrates directly with DocPlay to create stimulating educational lessons by accessing high-quality documentary content across a broad range of content, with categories including Art & Culture, Music, Science & Nature and Sports. Titles on the service include Academy Award winners, festival favourites, breakout sensations and cult hits.

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EP partners with the HEA, the national not-for-profit association serving Australian homeschoolers since 2001. Together with HEA we aim to help ensure success for all children.

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