EP and Apple. Better Together.

Top schools all over the world choose Apple products for their classrooms to unlock opportunities beyond what a typical learning device can deliver. The greatest schools combine the richness of the EP platform with Apple hardware and software for the perfect end to end learning experience.


Deep integration with native iOS and iPadOS functionality allows students to use the document picker to upload a completed essay or lab report from Dropbox or iCloud Drive while on the bus to school. In the languages classroom, students can practice pronunciation skills with iPad’s microphone in a low-risk environment before securely completing a summative assessment in single app mode. Budding chemists love the precision of Apple Pencil when sketching Lewis diagrams for peer review. Whether written with Apple Pencil or fingertip, mathematical equations turn into LaTeX before your eyes without having to input arcane keyboard commands.

Teachers get a fantastic experience as well. EP’s Live Feed in tasks combined with the portability of iPad gives you eyes in the back of your head. Move through your classroom and give help to those who need it most, confident that everyone else is focused on their work.

We’re continuously improving how we integrate with the Apple ecosystem, so look forward to exciting new developments in future.