Education Perfect
for the US curriculum

Education Perfect (EP) is your complete learning, assessment and analytics toolkit to support the US curriculum requirements.

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Providing curriculum-aligned resources

EP offers an extensive library of interactive lessons that captivate and support curriculum requirements. These lessons seamlessly integrate with our robust suite of tools, providing powerful tracking and analytics, effortless differentiation for diverse student abilities, and efficient support for large classes.

The platform offers comprehensive resourcing for World Languages ACTFL standards and supplementary resources for USCC and NGSS grades 6-10.

EP allows educators to reinvest their time and deliver richer learning experiences.

Tailor your content

The subjects available for the US curriculum include:

  • US World Languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian – ACTFL Novice Low – Advanced Mid
  • USCC Language Arts and Mathematics:  Grades 6-10 – Supporting resources
  • NGSS: Grades 6-10  –  Supporting resources

Don’t see the content you are looking for? Our pre-built content is fully customisable, and you can also build your own content from scratch using our content creation tools within the platform. Explore our content

“Education Perfect has become a regular part of our foreign language curriculum. The units provided, along with our personally created ones, offer students an interesting way to memorize vocabulary and practice all of the skills needed for learning a language (listening, reading, writing and speaking). This is a great way to start or end class, use as homework assignments and assess where students are with individual results and feedback provided. Thanks for this great resource!“
Tia Schiavoni
Queensbury Middle School

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