Homeschooling is an education process where children are taught at home. Many choose to homeschool their children for many reasons. Homeschooling is legal in every state. The legal requirements vary among states, but in general, parents must provide their children with adequate instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, sciences, foreign language, history, and civics.

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Homeschooling is a progressive movement known for its flexibility, allowing parents as home educators to choose the curriculum and learning environment which is best suited to their child’s individual needs and interests. There is a vast variety of methods for homeschooling which enables parents to customise the curriculum by which they educate their children.

Homeschooling and distance education focuses on the importance of parents facilitating their child’s learning by connecting materials and curricula with their child’s interests and individual learning style. Homeschooling parents are also able to establish an environment that encourages their home educated children to explore and discover in a variety of unique and personlised ways.

Australian homeschoolers and New Zealand homeschoolers alike can often feel daunted by the requirements in different states or territories, however meeting the curriculum, monitoring and process requirements can easily be completed with the help of EP’s smart lesson platform. With EP you can create a customized educational plan for each child whilst ensuring that your child’s needs are met by the education that you provide.

When considering starting homeschooling it is important to understand that there is no set or standardised homeschooling curriculum, however there are requirements which every registered homeschooling student must meet. These include core literacy and numeracy topics, as well as a variety of history, science and other subjects. Many states have their registration linked to the national curriculum or state variations of this.

Once you find a curriculum for your child’s year of homeschooling EP can take over from there! EP has a separate content library that arranges our folders and lessons differently to align with the individual homeschooling curriculum choice. Levelled literacy and literature resources blend differentiation with fun, project based content to build critical thinking and fluent communication skills. Our EP content is aligned to a number of different curricula, including all Australian curriculums and the New Zealand curriculum, IB and Cambridge. For each curriculum, EP has a separate content library that arranges folders and lessons differently to align with the curriculum selected.

EP provides comprehensive curriculum aligned libraries of interactive customisable and printable resources facilitating effective learning for a wide range of subjects. Throughout the comprehensive modules, courses and units, students will learn to become proficient, independent and motivated thinkers. EP homeschool smart lessons consist of clear and engaging information sections followed by knowledge checks containing automatically marked questions which allow for self-moderation and continuous progress tracking for parents.

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EP is built to make home education easier. Our content is aligned to various curricula ensuring every question answered is putting your child another step in the right direction. Aligned at both a state and country level, take comfort that your student is learning what is directly related to their education.

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Choose from over 35,000+ curriculum aligned lessons built to provide the perfect mix learning, enjoyment and engagement.


Master every aspect of Maths with EP’s curriculum aligned content. Choose from pre-built and interactive lessons, assessments or worksheets all designed to keep your child engaged.


Cover all strands of Science with fun and interactive lessons. Built-in videos and gamified content makes science on EP a lesson to look forward to.


A complete library of levelled English content to help build literacy, communication and critical thinking through fun tasks and activities.


Interested in adding some electives to your child’s studies? EP has a range of History, Geography, Civics and Citizenships, Health and Digital Technologies content to choose from.


A complete online language learning platform providing lessons to practise the key skills of language learning: listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

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Partnered with Homeschooling Organisations

EP is committed to working with the community. We are actively partnered with networks around Australia and New Zealand.

Working together with these networks helps us cater to different needs and provide unique support to specific regions.

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Feedback from parents using EP

“My girls just love Education Perfect which is ideal for Home schooling. They love that they can log in and start their work and know exactly when it is due. They can send me messages which I can respond to and are progressing in leaps and bounds.”

Michelle Dobson
NSW, Australia

“Education Perfect not only met, but exceeded any expectation I could have had for an engaging Home Schooling platform. Not only am I able to remain hands-on with my children’s work and add lessons they love, but I can monitor their activity in real-time without standing over their shoulder.”

Lilah Hans
WA, Australia