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EP French provides a full online solution for primary and secondary French. Scaffolded learning is topic-based with key vocabulary and language structures being introduced and practiced extensively in the areas of listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

Each lesson is also fully customisable, with teachers being able to make any necessary edits or create their own lessons entirely. EP French can be used from Year 3 to Years 12/13, with a programme that supports many different curriculum prescriptions including IGCSE, IB, the New Zealand and Australian Curriculum, NCEA, the Ontario Curriculum, the CEFR and the Advanced Placement Test.

EP French can also be used by learners to study independently at home. The smart lesson platform enables parents to assign tasks and then track their children’s progress. Smart lessons on EP consist of clear information sections designed to teach the necessary vocabulary for each unit followed by a progressive structure of automatically marked knowledge check activities.

The instant feedback provided by automatic marking enables students to monitor their own progress through valuable feedback and guidance and then practice the different skill sets as required. Students are also able to work independently on their pronunciation and then compare their pronunciation to that of a native speaker.

EP French content is continually updated and developed in line with feedback and consultation so that the highest level of efficacy is achieved. The EP French smart lessons may be used to support classroom learning or may also be used by young people who are interested in studying French outside of the school environment.

The EP French programme can be used synchronously or asynchronously. Smart lessons can be used in place of a textbook or alongside one, they also work extremely well as a tool for setting up a flipped classroom. Teachers can assign their French students tasks, which means that progress can be easily tracked and feedback can be provided.

There are a number of assessment options available within the EP French programme. There are pre-built assessments which can be used as a pre or a post test at the beginning or end of a unit, as well as formative assessments to assess students’ overall level. Furthermore, EP French can be used to automatically assign remediation activities to support on-going student learning based on the results of assessments. Teachers are also able to create their own assessment tasks through the smart lesson platform.

Additionally, the EP French programme provides a number of teacher resources including listening transcripts, unit outlines, curriculum alignment documentation and ideas for implementing the platform.

Here is a full overview of the topics covered in the EP French course:

Getting Started in French:

(Primary/early secondary)
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Asking how you are
  • Numbers and age
  • Colours
  • Classroom commands
  • Classroom objects
  • Family
  • Animals
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Food and leisure
  • Days of the week
  • Weather

Beginner French:

(Late primary/early secondary)
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Family and pets
  • The classroom
  • Dates and birthdays
  • Countries and nationalities
  • Liking and disliking food
  • Describing people
  • School subjects
  • Leisure activities
  • My house

Intermediate French:

  • Ordering in a restaurant
  • Recipes and shopping for food
  • Clothing
  • Places and directions
  • Going on holiday
  • Birthdays and celebrations
  • Making plans
  • Daily routines
  • At the doctor’s
  • Past holidays

Advanced French:

(Senior secondary)
  • The future and the world of work
  • My life
  • Travel and tourism
  • Healthy lifestyle and health problems
  • Going on an exchange to France or a Francophone country
  • The environment
  • Technology and social media
  • French cinema and literature
  • Immigration, racism and inequality
  • Groups in society
  • Responsibilities and moving on
  • Finishing secondary school
  • Historical perspectives
  • Global and contemporary society

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