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Education Perfect is the EdTech platform designed to help teachers focus most on what they love: teaching. With decades of experience in education technology, we’re here to help teachers amplify their classroom impact. Whether that’s through curriculum-aligned and interactive learning tools, assessment features or differentiated learning pathways, we help teachers help their students reach their full potential.

Loved by 5,000 schools, 50,000 teachers

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Personalise learning at scale

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Dazzle your students and boost their engagement with thousands of expertly curated, curriculum-aligned and interactive resources, along with our AI Powered Feedback Tool.


Stay eagle-eyed in the classroom with real-time student progress tracking and formative and summative assessments. Our intuitive, visually rich reporting provides you with deeper insights into each student’s strengths and growth areas.


Create individualised learning pathways for students based on their identified strengths and weaknesses.

We offer easy automation, adaptive lesson recommendations and advanced analytic options.

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Accredited learning design, backed by learning science

Our learning design is drawn from extensive evidence-based research and pedagogical principles. You can rely on our content to be engaging, easy to understand, and worthy of our Digital Promise Product Certification.

Proven results,
proven impact

EP’s formative assessment cycle has had a proven impact on learning growth and student outcomes.

Comprehensive coverage

Our resources cover over eight key subjects across 15 global curriculums, making it easy for you to consolidate your learning resources at a regional, school level.

Trusted by teachers

EP is built for teachers by teachers. We’re proud to be partnered with over 50k teachers and 1.8 million students across 50+ countries.

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