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Does Your Child or Student Need Support With the Australian Capital Territories Curriculum?

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Home educating parents and caregivers have the primary responsibility of monitoring the quality of their children’s distance education by creating a robust curriculum and regularly reflecting on progress made. This can often feel daunting at various stages throughout the process. With EP you can create a customized educational plan for each child, whilst ensuring that your child’s needs are met by the education that you provide.

Homeschooling focuses on the importance of parents and caregivers facilitating children’s learning by connecting materials and curricula with each child’s interests, together with creating an environment that encourages children to explore and discover. What EP provides is the perfect educational software to meet all of these requirements in a fun, rewarding and uniquely customisable way.

The EP smart lesson platform provides homeschooling parents and caregivers with a comprehensive Australian Capital Territories curriculum aligned library of interactive and fully customisable resources and lessons.

The EP platform consists of thousands of our smart lessons that have been designed in order to seamlessly align with the requirements of the Australian Capital Territories curriculum; facilitating successful, fun and engaging learning for children at home. EP is an invaluable teaching resource that can be used by children at home to learn independently under the direction of their parents, who are able to assign tasks and track their children’s progress easily and efficiently.

EP can provide homeschool parents and caregivers with everything needed for children to successfully meet all requirements of the ACT curriculum as listed below.

In the Australian Capital Territory all home educated children must be registered with the ACT Education Directorate (the Directorate) in accordance with the Education Act 2004 external link (the Act).

Under the Education Act 2004 external link the parent(s) of a child registered for home education must:

• Provide a high-quality education for the child
• Document the educational opportunities offered to the child
• Document the strategies used to help the child to learn
• Make available for inspection home education programs, materials or other records
• Conduct the home education from the home base listed on the registration certificate
• Apply in writing for registration before provisional registration ends
• Apply in writing for registration renewal at least the prescribed period (3 months) before registration ends; and give a report about the educational progress of the child once every year (Progress Report).

• 1 on 1 free registration support – Book a call here.
• Downloadable our pre built curriculum outlines here
• EP Tracks all questions answered, time spent learning, and accuracy for all subjects
• Real time 24/7 tracking of your progress
• All learner results are printable for moderator evidence.
• Download our Weeking Planning Template
• Over 500,000 Automatically marked questions, saving you time.
• Pre built, automatically marked assessments to find knowledge gaps and identify levels of learning.

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