Differentiate learning

Create personal learning pathways with EP’s analytics features.

Support individualised & adaptive learning
with unmatched analytics

Mastery & completion reports

Education Perfect reports at a student and class level in mastery attainment, as well as completion and effort, in lessons, tasks and assessments.

Personalised learning pathways

Set every student a personal learning pathway based on their assessment insights.

Automated next steps

EP clearly lists and delivers lesson recommendations for every student based on their report data.

Trusted by teachers

Studies show that classroom diversity continues to increase, driving the need for adaptive and personalised learning. However, 92% of teachers do not get enough time to prepare for effective teaching.

EP is proven to make a difference with our toolkit of time save features and actionable insights.

β€œI love the versatility of [Education Perfect] and that you can cater so much for whole class needs and individual differentiation for learners.”
Paul Clare - Italian Teacher
Benowa State High School

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