Curriculum Aligned


Aligned with the Australian, Victorian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus for Year 5 to 10.

New Zealand

Coverage of NZC Levels 3 to 6 and NCEA standards.

Personalised learning growth

Self-paced lessons based on the mastery model develop a growth mindset in students.

Facilitate explicit skills development

Junior and Senior Science Skills modules explicitly teach depth studies and inquiry based investigations. Skills assessments analyse practical and theoretical skills, providing individual learning pathways.

Contextual lessons maximise relevance

Each module contains Smart Lessons with meaningful contexts that impart and test knowledge.

Your complete Science solution

Education Perfect Science provides vibrant and engaging curriculum-aligned content that is fully customisable to suit your school’s science programme.

Flip your classroom

Using our extensive range of curriculum-aligned learning resources, maximise in-class productivity and flip your classroom with ease.

Pre- and post-testing

Track student growth between pre- and post-tests, identify weaknesses and target remediation. Develop struggling learners and provide extended learning opportunities for advanced students.

Formative assessment

Create assessments from existing content or custom pre-built assessments, informing students of what they do and don’t know and providing them an individual learning pathway.

Science investigations

Over 120 Science investigations include guides for teachers and lab technicians with safety precautions, a full method and model answers, pre and post Smart Lessons and investigation worksheets.

Science comprehension

Improve scientific literacy skills while students learn compelling information about scientific facts.

Rahmi Jackson

  • Broughton Anglican College

We have been trialling Education Perfect lessons over the past term and our students (and staff) are hooked! This is a teacher’s package that actually makes our jobs easier. We’ve used Education Perfect for flipped learning (both in and out of the classroom), extension, revision, pre & post-testing, differentiated learning, diagnostic testing, exam preparation, homework and formative assessment. The package provides informative tracking of students, and the students love the gamification elements.