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Does Your Homeschooled Child Need Support Learning English?

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When considering starting homeschooling it is important to understand that there is no set or standardised homeschooling curriculum, however there are requirements which every registered homeschooling student must meet. Many states and countries have their registration linked to the national curriculum or state variations of this. What EP provides is home education English programs that have been created and customised to suit all year levels, learning styles and curriculums.

EP homeschool English focuses on the importance of parents and caregivers facilitating their child’s education by connecting materials, lesson plans and project based tasks with each child’s interests.

Today more families than ever before are choosing to homeschool their children rather than opting for the mainstream school system. EP English provides the ideal learning tool for all homeschool parents and their children. With EP you can create a customized educational plan for each child’s year of homeschooling whilst ensuring that your child’s needs are met by the education that you provide.

EP English is an online teaching and learning resource that enables home schooling parents and caregivers to aid their children in meeting all the English requirements of their chosen curriculum. The EP smart lesson platform provides a wide variety of highly engaging and rigorous resources and learning tools that cover the three main curriculum strands of literature, language and literacy.

EP English provides a comprehensive curriculum aligned library of interactive and customisable resources that facilitate critical thinking and the effective learning of key skills. The EP smart lesson platform also provides limitless opportunities and learning activities for students to practice and hone their skills in English at all year levels. EP also provides extensive analytics ensuring complete transparency in relation to students’ progress and identifying the areas where improvement is required.

EP homeschool English smart lessons provide an all inclusive solution for improving students’ communication skills and fluency in expressing their unique perspectives on the world around them. EP English content teaches students key concepts and skills through scaffolded lessons that they can navigate independently. Students can complete activities at their own pace and are provided with instant feedback on their progress, with the automatic marking system allowing for instant formative assessment and evaluation of performance.

EP homeschool English provides a deep coverage of all english curriculums and can be used to replace a textbook or alongside one. EP homeschool English smart lessons consist of gamified quizzes, multimedia resources and assessment for learning tasks ensuring students are authentically engaged and parents can easily track and monitor progress. Automatically generated progress and assessment reports allow for automatic or manual assignment of specific content to support students on an individual basis.

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