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EP is an online learning and assessment platform that provides over 35,000 pre-built high quality lessons uniquely aligned to the South Australian curriculum for Year 5 to Year 12 in English, Maths, Science and Languages and then Year 7 to Year 10 for Humanities (including Civics and Citizenship), HPE, Digital Technologies, Economics and Business. EP has also further aligned all senior content to the SACE syllabus for English, Maths, Science and Languages. Recent additions to EP’s Senior content also includes exam preparation resources for SACE exams.

It is possible for students to use the EP Arabic programme independently from home with parents guiding their learning by setting tasks and tracking their progress. EP smart lessons are designed to present students with the key information they need in order to complete each unit. Students are also provided with instant feedback including feedback enabling students to monitor their own progress and then practice the different skill sets as required.
EP South Australian curriculum content is regularly developed in line with consultation and feedback ensuring the highest level of efficacy in each subject is consistently achieved.

When teachers subscribe to the EP smart lesson platform, they are given access to a number of teaching resources including listening transcripts, unit outlines, curriculum alignment documentation and ideas for implementing the platform. It is effective when used in a classroom setting or as a homework tool and can also help to facilitate a flipped or blended learning environment. Additionally it can be used to replace a textbook or alongside one.

The EP platform provides unparalleled data and allows teachers to track student progress and provide feedback with ease. The EP smart lesson platform also provides both formative and summative assessment options and makes differentiation simple for teachers. With the ability to customise and modify content, EP gives teachers the time and resources to cater to your individual students’ needs. The EP smart lesson platform is an invaluable teaching resource that comprehensively covers all aspects of learning within the South Australian curriculum.

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