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EP Maths for Year 9 is a world leading maths resource. Our extensive content library covers all of the curriculum. This provides teachers with a rich teaching resource and students with rich learning experiences. Our cutting edge technology leverages handwriting recognition, Desmos graphs, scratchpads and long answer components to give students rich modes of expression when solving problems. EP has a dedicated Assessment platform that allows teachers to run tests, quizzes and examinations on the platform to track student progress to a granular level. This combines with automatic remediation, giving students learning tasks to cover their gaps as identified through assessments. EP Year 9 Maths gives you everything needed for success.

EP Maths will provide all your child needs to succeed at Year 9 Maths. Our extensive content library covers all strands of the curriculum and our lessons build from first principles up to extended thinking problems. Your child has a variety of ways to engage with EP’s Maths content from handwriting recognition, interactive graphs, multiple choice questions and long answer questions. Parent’s can assign tasks and assessments which generate rich data to give you confidence in your child’s growth in Year 9 Maths.

Teachers will find everything they need in EP Maths to meet the needs of their Year 9 Maths learners. EP Year 9 Maths provides a complete learning resource through its content library. Each lesson takes students through a first principles approach to concepts then presents a range of questions to develop understanding, fluency and problem solving skills. Our questions provide a range of inputs from students such as multiple choice, handwriting recognition, Desmos graphs, scratchpads and long answers. Assessments are an integral part of EP, providing teachers with an easy workflow for assessing the levels of their students and automatically providing next steps for them to work towards.

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