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EP English for Year 9 students provides a comprehensive bank of levelled language, literacy and literature resources which facilitate differentiation through fun, engaging content to help build confident, independent communicators. The EP English content library consists of an index of customisable, interactive resources which are aligned to the curriculum and designed to support effective learning for a wide range of core communication skills.

The English lessons on EP for Year 9 students focus on the development of viewing, reading, interpreting, performing and evaluating multimodal texts and improving critical thinking and expression skills. The EP English lessons are designed to enable students to analyse the ways in which texts are shaped by different factors, such as societal issues, context, audiences and purpose.

EP English for Year 9 students consists of a comprehensive bank of levelled, curriculum aligned content filled with engaging, fun, interactive and challenging tasks and activities. The Year 9 English curriculum outcomes are met through a variety of modules, units, courses and lessons designed to help students build core literature, language and literacy skills across a wide range of texts, genres and multimedia contexts. The EP English platform can be used by students to learn independently at home under the direction of their parents, who are also able to assign tasks and then track their children’s progress and development.

The EP Year 9 English library allows students to build independent learning skills by using automatic feedback to guide their personalised journey through coursework. Students will learn how texts can be shaped and influenced by purpose, context and audiences as well as hone their textual analysis skills.

The EP smart lessons are designed to maintain engagement and assess knowledge every step of the way. Clearly presented information sections are followed by automatically marked quiz sections which help students develop mastery of the topics. Self monitoring is supported by constant explanation and guidance upon submission of tasks.

In addition to contextual English skills EP Year 9 English is underpinned by a comprehensive bank of language skills content. This section of the EP English library provides levelled resources aimed at building key fluency and grammatical proficiency skills.

EP English for Year 9 supports teachers with a comprehensive resource index which is customisable and responsive to the specific needs of each teacher. Within the EP English library for Year 9, courses, units and modules consist of ‘smart lessons’ designed to reinforce core literacy, language and literature skills via interactive contextual tasks. Texts, extracts and examples are purposefully created and sourced to represent diverse cultural inspirations.

The EP platform is designed to facilitate Universal Design for learning and in the English context this means that as well as scaffolded, differentiated lessons students are also able to express themselves in a variety of ways. Viewing, listening, performing, creating texts and responses are all fully supported by the EP smart lesson platform.

Throughout the variety of modules available for Year 9 English, the emphasis on developing effective communication skills is paramount. The lessons include gamified quizzes, multi-media resources and assessment for learning tasks dispersed strategically. Teachers can easily track and monitor student progress by checking the automatically generated progress and assessment reports and then assign specific content to support students on an individual basis. This personalised learning approach is easy with EP as the platform can recommend tasks based on individual performance in all contexts.

Setting up EP for Year 9 English allows teachers to focus their time on building meaningful relationships and engaging students interpersonally with knowledge that the platform will automatically track, report and collate student progress data.

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