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EP offers high-quality, interactive IGCSE resources for English First Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science. Suitable for both at-home revision and in-class learning, EP IGCSE resources include a combination of lessons, exam preparation materials and practice papers and to support the teaching of both Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel courses.

Our French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Italian and Japanese courses are well-aligned to both the Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel IGCSE Language courses for Foreign Language. For each of these languages, EP offers interactive, engaging lessons linked to the IGCSE prescribed topics, covering all of the core skills required in the exams.

EP smart lessons are designed to maintain student engagement and support deep learning. Clearly-presented information sections are interwoven with automatically-marked questions, helping students develop mastery of key topics covered in the IGCSE and providing teachers with powerful data insights on student learning. High quality explanations, question prompts and model answers support regular reflection and self-assessment.

EP supports teachers with a fully customisable content library containing a rich array of lessons, revision materials and parallel papers for the IGCSE. As well as a bank of over 20,000 ‘ready to use’ lessons, teachers can create their own content and easily share resources with both colleagues and students. Content can be assigned to students at a class, group or individual level, allowing for easy differentiation and personalised learning pathways.

EP’s live monitoring and detailed progress reports help teachers to easily track and monitor student progress and achievement, every step of the way. Flexible assessment options allow teachers to easily assign both formative and summative assessment tasks, and rich data insights empower teachers to focus their time on building meaningful relationships and supporting their students at an individual level.

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