EP and Canvas LMS. Enabling an enhanced teaching and learning experience.

EP and Canvas work harmoniously in providing teachers and students with a way to easily organise and access teaching and learning resources. Education Perfect offers high quality content delivered in an engaging way that is able to be easily incorporated into the course structures and workflows designed by schools in the Canvas LMS.

Simplified Workflows

EP works with Canvas by enabling teachers to embed personalised lessons directly from EP’s Content Library into a Canvas module. Students can then work through the task from within Canvas, receiving personalised learning pathways that adjust to their individual learning needs. Both students and teachers love the way that the Canvas LMS resembles the many online platforms that they currently use – such as social media, forums or web pages; therefore providing a similar workflow experience to what they are already used to.

“The integration of Education Perfect and Canvas allows teachers to amplify the benefits of both platforms. Education Perfect provides teachers with ready to use, engaging content that can be seamlessly incorporated into the courses that are designed within Canvas. This helps to build structures and strategies to minimise a student’s need to visit multiple sites to access their course materials.” —Kelly Hollis, Global Head of Science at EP, and experienced Canvas user

Personalised Learning
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A key benefit of EP’s learning platform is the ability to quickly and effectively differentiate instruction for each individual student. When integrated into Canvas’ flexible course creation features that allow for individualisation, the experience results in truly personalised learning for each student.

Community of learners

Students can participate in online discussions and work in groups to collaborate within Canvas. EP provides further opportunities for student communication through the anonymous Peer Review feature as well as the ability for students to ‘cheer’ each other on. Each platform also has rich features for teachers to provide feedback to students, and options for including parents in the learning journey. The experience is one of communication and collaboration; a true community of learners for the benefit of all.