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EP is a complete digital teaching and learning toolkit that has become a core part of the practice of thousands of teachers across the world. EP provides a comprehensive Northern Territories curriculum aligned library of highly engaging, interactive and fully customisable resources for Year 5 to 12 in English, Maths, Science and Languages and then Year 7 to Year 10 in Humanities (including Civics and Citizenship), HPE, Digital Technologies, Economics and Business. EP has further aligned our senior content to the SACE syllabus for, English, Maths, Science and Languages.

All EP content is built specifically to meet the requirements of the Northern Territories curriculum. The EP smart lesson platform assists with planning, marking, differentiation, student engagement, feedback, and assessment. The EP smart lesson platform also provides rich data insights that are perfect for tracking student progress in the short, medium and long-term.

EP is a well established and respected digital learning resource that can be used to support schools with differentiation, personalised learning, scaffolded support and more. EP lesson content has both the depth and scope to be used as a textbook or grammar workbook replacement. Our diagnostic and assessment tools provide instant feedback on student performance, and allow for individualised and differentiated pathways through our remediation lessons. Recent additions to our Senior content include exam preparation resources for SACE exams.

With the ability to customise and modify content, EP gives teachers the time and resources to cater to your individual students’ needs. With over 35,000 lessons and assessments, 10,000 plus learning videos and 50,000 plus hours of learning, it is easy to understand why over 1200 schools in Australia alone, as well as in over 50 plus countries, choose to teach and learn with EP.

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