Education Perfect Ltd Policies and Procedures

We care deeply about your safety, security and privacy when you use our website. Our goal is to provide a learning environment that is every bit as safe and secure as being at school. Our data is stored in Amazon Web Services’ Sydney data centres.

Below you will find our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Standard Terms and Conditions, a list of Sub-processors, and a Data Processing Addendum which forms part of the Standard Terms and Conditions when the GDPR applies to our processing of personal data.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your data is handled, please contact us on

Please download our full privacy policy here

(As of 13/08/18)

Please download our Terms and Conditions here

(As of 26/07/18)

Please download our GDPR Data processing addendum here

(As of 13/08/18)

Please download our Terms of Use policy here

(As of 26/07/18)

To ensure no terms are imposed on us beyond what is reflected in our DPA and Terms of Service, we cannot agree to sign customers’ DPAs. As a small team we are unable to make individual changes to our DPA as we do not have a legal team on staff. Any changes to the standard DPA would require legal counsel and a lot of back and forth discussion that would be cost-prohibitive for our team. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

List of Sub-processors

Below is a list of Sub-processors we work with. This list is updated regularly.

Sub-processor | Purpose
​Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited | Document Management
Alphabet Inc / Google LLC | Office software, email provider, website analytics
Amazon Web Services, Inc |Cloud Infrastructure Hosting
Asana, Inc | Task Management
Atlassian Pty Ltd | Project Management | Customer Surveys
Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd. | Email Marketing
Disabled Citizens Society Otago Inc T/A Cargill Enterprises | Fulfilment
Lunaweb Ltd | File Conversion
Functional Software, Inc | Error Logging
Help Scout Inc | Helpdesk Software
KnowledgeOwl | Knowledge Base
Palo Alto Networks, Inc | Helpdesk Software
PayPal, Inc | Payment Processing
Probe Operations Pty Ltd | Support Services
Slack Technologies Limited | Team Communication
TYPEFORM S.L. | Surveys
Weebly, Inc | Website Hosting
Wistia, Inc | Video Hosting
Xero Limited | Financial Management
YouCanBookMe Limited | Calendar Scheduling
Zapier, Inc | Process Automation
6 Wunderkinder GmbH | Task Management
8×8, Inc | VOIP Calling