Education Perfectโ€จfor the Ontario Curriculum

Education Perfect (EP) is your complete learning, assessment and analytics toolkit to support the Ontario curriculum.

Providing curriculum-aligned resources

All EP content for Math, Science, and English Language Arts is built specifically for the Ontario Curriculum with resources that are broken down by grade level, strand, and overall expectation. Math content is offered to support learning in Grades 3-10, and Science and English Language Arts content is offered to support learning in Grades 6-10.

EP offers French as a second-language resource aligned to the CEFR, which enables the practice of all language learning skills in authentic contexts. The EP FSL library includes resources to support the French DELF examination.

The EP platform supports teachers and students in meeting the requirements of the Ontario curriculum whilst providing insights into each studentโ€™s personalized learning journey.

โ€œEP is a fabulous resource to have as I can keep track in real-time about what questions students were working on and how long they took to complete it. Reports are created that show individualized results, so teachers donโ€™t need to physically keep track of what is completed.โ€
Ontario EP User

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