EPeeps | Emma McAllister | Head of Operations

At EP we are all about our people. This includes our teachers, students, partners and very importantly, our team. We wanted to start to introduce.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 5 days ago

Effectively flipping the classroom through smart lesson design

At EP we are passionate about providing teachers with the.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 7 days ago

Cross-curricular learning now available on EP

Learning no longer needs to happen in isolation. As the.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 2 weeks ago
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 3 weeks ago
Te Reo Māori Competition Winners

EP advocating Te Reo Māori through innovative learning tools

At EP we believe in creating lifelong learners and through.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 1 month ago

Technology is the accelerator. Pedagogy is the driver. The perfect partnership.

Just like Apple’s latest announcement overnight on improving capabilities, user.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 1 month ago
Rocket blast off

Scientific literacy in the contemporary classroom

Literacy, in particular cross-curricular literacy, is highly topical in the.
Clare Feeney 1 year ago
  • Head of Content, Australia