An EP Founding Story | Meet brothers Craig and Shane Smith

In 2004, sixteen-year-old Craig Smith was struggling to learn both French and Japanese at high school. He created a system to help him to learn.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 2 days ago

Level 4 and 5 Teachers EP Sessions | Join us and celebrate 2019

We’re excited to introduce you to our first ever EP.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 3 days ago
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 4 days ago

EPeeps Eric Poulin | Product Manager

When Eric joined the Development Team of two at startup.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 1 week ago

EP Tools for Personalised Learning in the Classroom

EP understands the critical importance of differentiation in the modern.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 1 week ago

EPeeps Nikita Palmer | Marketing Operations Manager

Today we introduce you to the lovely, bubbly and multi-talented.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 2 weeks ago

The EP Story – New Exciting Developments Ahead

As the new year approaches us, we’re excited to launch.
Aisha Hillary-Morgan 3 weeks ago