EP and Google Classroom. Everything teachers and students need to work better, together.

Google Classroom helps teachers organise assignments, provide rich feedback and facilitates student collaboration and co-creation. The EP team has ensured ‘EP for Classroom’ works seamlessly to make the most of this technology. This smart platform pair fosters better communication, boosts collaboration and reduces digital clutter.

Streamlined Workflows

Google Classroom streamlines file sharing and coursework management, reduces unnecessary administration and provides clarity to teaching workflows. EP for Classroom links into this workflow in a number of ways, from directly setting up Google Classroom assignments within EP, to linking documents to EP from within Google Drive.

“EP for Classroom integrates seamlessly with Google to amplify core workflows and incorporate data-rich insights, comprehensive curriculum content and transparent learning pathways for students and teachers.” —Jimmy Bowens, Global Head of English at EP, and experienced Google Classroom user

Communication and Collaboration

Access to both EP and Google Classroom strengthens the learning dynamic through intuitive teacher feedback and peer review facilities. Teachers can easily communicate directly with students in the context of specific EP lesson reports as well as employ the collaborative annotation capabilities of Google docs. Combining these tools creates an advanced yet efficient co-constructed learning environment. This allows for both personalised learning and collaborative practise without an overabundance of digital resources.

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Students can access the flexibility and scope of Google tools from within EP thereby expanding the opportunities to utilise the knowledge gained from EP’s powerful interactive units and lessons. Upon completion of EP content, students can work on collaborative projects synthesizing their learning in creative ways and developing their higher-order thinking skills.