Engage your students in this exciting global event!

Motivate your students

Elevate exposure of your subject

Did someone say prizes?

How does it work?

Suitable for students from Year 5 to Secondary, the competition is targeted at students of all learning abilities.


Once teachers have registered and sent in class lists, each student will receive an individual login which they use to access Education Perfect.


By answering questions correctly, students receive points which go towards awards and prizes!

Meet 2018 Championship Winner Jamie R

The Science Championships have proved to be much more influential than anyone would expect - and for that, I am so, so grateful. I am genuinely a very motivated and dedicated guy, but since becoming world champion again - my levels of motivation have soared to an all-time high. I am now ready to share my passion with the world. I am so thankful I could find myself truly tested through Education Perfect.


Amazing prizes on offer!

People in space suits

Space Camp (Aus/NZ only)

Top Student Vouchers

Random Prize Draw!

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