EP International Languages Championship 2023

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The International Languages Championship is an exciting 3-day event open to all foreign language students based in the Northern Hemisphere.

This competition is a fun and engaging opportunity for students to engage, revise, and learn language content on the Education Perfect platform.

The event will be open from Tuesday 7 November (12pm SGT) until Thursday 9 November (12pm SGT) 2023.

The competition is suitable for Year 2/Grade 1 students and above, with content available for beginner to advanced levels for a wide range of foreign languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese and EAL/ESOL.


  • 1st Place: NZD$100 Amazon Voucher
  • 2nd Place: NZD$75 Amazon Voucher
  • 3rd Place: NZD$50 Amazon Voucher

We will finalise results within 72 hours of the competition finishing

Competition Certificates:

You can now download all Official Education Perfect Competition certificates via the Education Perfect platform as soon as the competition results have been finalised. Click here for detailed information on how to do this.


The EPILC 2023 is open to all schools globally that are currently subscribing to Education Perfect, excluding Australia and New Zealand. All eligible schools are warmly invited to participate and have been invited via email. If you have not received an invite, please reach out to our team.


At EP, we take competition integrity very seriously. We recommend that all teachers and competing students check out our International competition rules. Any students found to be earning points unfairly will be disqualified from the event.

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