Security and Risk Assessment Information for Schools

Student Data Privacy

Education Perfect (EP) is a digital learning and assessment platform used by over 1.4m+ students and 50k+ teachers in countries around the world.

The EP platform contains an extensive library of curriculum aligned lessons that can be further customised to suit each teacher’s needs. The program is designed to leverage data and insights to elevate the role of a teacher and provide students with a more personalised learning experience.

In order to enrol a student on the platform, the school provides the necessary information for a student to be linked with the correct teacher and course curriculum. This includes the student’s name, school, class, teacher information and username, which is typically a school email address.  In some cases, this may also include a Student ID number.

Teachers can assign tasks and activities within the platform, and students will enter their responses directly to the portal. Information collected through this process includes the students’ answers and results, time spent completing tasks, details about the device used (for example your internet or IP address, and browser type used) and the number of logins.

All data collected is used solely for educational purposes.

A student’s personal information is provided for log-in access and to ensure the correct assignments and tasks are loaded into the student profile. Classroom teachers and other authorities within the school will be able to view a student’s work and adjust their learning material according to the student’s needs.

Some employees of EP will have access to the identifiable information housed within our system to support the day-to-day operations of the business. This includes those teams responsible for creating teacher and student accounts and/or responding to inquiries regarding an account. This may also include individuals responsible for understanding engagement across the platform allowing us to make informed decisions regarding future enhancements to the platform’s functionality for the ongoing benefit of teachers and students.

Education Perfect takes the privacy and security of all data very seriously and has put in place measures to protect the information of all users of our platform. Our policies have been developed to adhere to the local privacy laws including the Australian Privacy Act, the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and US data protection laws.

In addition to secure cloud management systems, EP uses role-based access controls to ensure that only teachers in a school can access data in their school.

All employees of EP undergo annual privacy and security training with additional detailed guidance available in our internal privacy compliance manual.

Your school retains control over the user data and can request its removal from our system at any time.

If an explicit request to remove information is not provided, user data is automatically anonymised once the account is no longer in an active class and has been unused for 3 years. We allow for this 3 year time period as this provides teachers with an opportunity to compare results for cohorts of learners over time. It also means that if a student stops using EP for a year but then comes back, they can pick up where they left off on their learning journey.

All student data is stored  in Amazon Web Services, Sydney Region data centres and is not transferred to any third party systems.

Teacher and school staff data is stored in AWS, Sydney. It is also stored or processed in different geographic locations when this is required for operational purposes and to deliver the required service and experience to our customers. Details of sub-processors, use of data and locations can be found here.