Education Perfect now supports Cambridge AS and A Level Mathematics 


Education Perfect (EP) has just released a large bank of interactive instructional lessons to support the Cambridge AS and A level Mathematics (9709) course.

These resources comprehensively address various syllabus points, offering students in-depth explanations of crucial concepts. The materials feature scaffolded activities designed to strengthen students’ comprehension, alongside exercises that require students to apply their acquired knowledge.

You can find these resources in EP’s content library or through the platform’s new “discover” area. Simply ask your EP representative to add them in for your school!

Benefits of EP’s new resources

Educators and school leaders can utilise these new resources in several ways, including:

Personalised learning pathways: These new resources further support students with differing abilities within the same class, creating personalised learning pathways for each individual.

Managing Large Class Sizes: Designed to accommodate diverse student populations, the materials assist educators in effectively managing and catering to the needs of larger class sizes.

Boosting Engagement: The activities are crafted to captivate and motivate students in their learning journey, making complex mathematical concepts more accessible and engaging.

Time-Efficient Coverage: With a focus on addressing the comprehensive curriculum requirements of the AS and A Levels Mathematics course, the resources prove invaluable when time constraints challenge the thorough coverage of the syllabus.

Exam Preparation: As an essential component of exam preparation, the materials aid students in revising key concepts outlined in the syllabus.

See the full curriculum map of the resources available here.

Coming soon

A large, forthcoming question bank of exam-style questions for Cambridge AS and A levels Mathematics (9709) will provide students with ample opportunity to practise exam-style questions, receive immediate feedback, and access detailed explanations.

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