10 reasons why you won’t want to miss EP’s EPIC conference


EPIC just got a whole lot more EPIC!

We understand that various challenges, such as teacher shortages and limited professional development budgets, prevent educators from accessing in-person events, like EP’s Innovate & Collaborate (EPIC) conferences. To ensure that all educators have equal, accessible access to our EPIC sessions, we’ve decided to host our EPIC sessions entirely online for free!

This will allow educators across the globe to access our latest product announcements, platform insights and thought-leadership sessions. We’re scheduling our EPIC sessions across Monday 13 May to Friday 17 May at 4:00 local time to ensure you have the time to enjoy and engage with every EPIC moment. If that doesn’t suit your calendar, all sessions will be available on-demand to watch in comfort.

We’ve put together ten reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this year’s EPIC online sessions:

1. Hear a world-renowned keynote speaker discuss the role of AI in education

The keynote speaker for our Australian events, Brett Salakas, is a world-renowned teacher, leader, poet and the founder of #aussieED, the largest online network of teachers in Australia. With experience as a keynote speaker at several international conferences, Brett’s curriculum insights, industry passion and global expertise make EPIC a must-attend for passionate educators looking to make an impact in the future of education.

Brett’s keynote will cover the topic: Authentic Assessment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

His speech will deep-dive into:

  • How to navigate a new era of AI-integrated assessment and pedagogy
  • How new AI processes support fundamental classroom values
  • How to seamlessly integrate AI with human insights
  • And more!

2. Gain insights into EP’s new innovations

The EP platform is levelling up in a way you’ve never seen before. At EPIC, we’re rolling out the red carpet for an exclusive sneak peek at our latest product updates and upcoming features, all designed to help you:

  • Maximise every student’s potential
  • Engage students with innovative experiences
  • Personalise student learning

Excited for a sneak peak and can’t wait for EPIC? Check out our video preview.

3. Explore a diverse range of session topics

From artificial intelligence (AI) in education to advanced assessment techniques, our EPICs offer a range of sessions to participate in. EPIC Week has diverse, informative session topics scheduled for each day:

  • Monday 13/5 Welcome & Keynote: Assessment in the Age of AI
  • Tuesday 14/5 session focus: Learning
  • Wednesday 15/5 session focus: Assessment
  • Thursday 16/5 session focus: Insights
  • Friday 17/5 Customer Panel & Conference close

4. Engage in comfort

Engage in informative, interactive sessions from the comfort of your own staffroom, office or lounge! These sessions, combined with rich discussions on key educational topics, ensure that you can gain actionable knowledge and skills, wherever you are.

5. Stay up-to-date on AI

AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of education. Joining our online EPIC conference will give you the latest insights into how AI can be leveraged to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

6. Interact with EP experts

Gain direct digital access to EP experts to discuss your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions about our services and products. This online interaction not only allows for a deeper understanding of the platform but enables educators to participate in EP’s future.

7. Expand your knowledge and skills

Our EPIC sessions are designed to inform and equip attendees with practical skills and knowledge. Whether it’s learning new techniques for incorporating AI into your lessons or understanding how to better track student growth, the conferences promise tangible takeaways. To recognise your learnings, you’ll receive a Professional Development Certificate, outlining the relevant standards covered in the sessions (if you’re located in Australia, this will include the AITSL standards).

8. Enjoy accessible resources

EP prioritises accessibility and inclusivity above all else. We’re pivoting to an online event to ensure that all educators have equal access to sessions, networking opportunities, and EP experts.

9. Stay at the forefront of education trends

Stay at the forefront of new education trends with our recorded EPIC sessions, which can be shared with colleagues. Or, to experience the session insights in real-time, host a live watch party in your staffroom!

10. Connect with other educators online

Connect and network with educators via a live chat function! You’ll have the chance to discuss ideas and share your thoughts on our session topics, building invaluable professional networks. 

The countdown for our EPIC events has begun, and we hope to see you there!

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