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EP Economics and Business is an online teaching and learning resource that enables teachers and students to meet the requirements of the Year 8 Economics and Business curriculum.

The EP smart lesson platform provides a wide range of highly engaging and rigorous resources that cover the range of topics encompassed in Year 8 Economics and Business including Markets in Australia, Rights and Responsibilities of Consumers and Businesses, Types of Businesses and The Working World. EP Year 8 Economics and Business provides a comprehensive curriculum aligned library of interactive and customisable resources that facilitate the effective learning of all key skills and can be aligned by teachers to suit a particular pedagogy.

The EP Year 8 Economics and Business smart lesson platform provides limitless opportunities for students to develop their skills, with gamified quizzes, summative assessment capability and continuous tracking providing insights into each student’s personalised learning journey.

EP Economics and Business supports students in meeting the requirements of the Year 8 Economics and Business curriculum by providing fun, engaging, challenging and thought provoking activities designed and scaffolded to increase intrinsic motivation and independent learning.

EP Economics and Business is also a valuable teaching resource that can be used by students to learn independently at home under the direction of their parents, who are able to assign tasks and track their children’s progress. EP Year 8 Economics and Business content teaches students how to research and investigate through smart lessons that contain extensive supporting notes, explanations, interactive content, practice questions and model answers.

EP smart lessons consist of clear and engaging information sections followed by knowledge checks containing automatically marked questions which allow for self-moderation and progress tracking. At their core, EP smart lessons are designed to provide a deep coverage of the Economics and Business curriculum and provide invaluable data on your child’s progress.

EP Year 8 Economics and Business is a highly flexible platform that can be used to support teaching the curriculum in many ways. The resources within EP Year 8 Economics and Business provide a thorough coverage of the curriculum and can be used to replace a textbook, alongside one, to facilitate a flipped classroom or establish a blended learning environment.

The EP Year 8 Economics and Business programme provides teachers with unparalleled data pertaining to all levels of learning and development, allowing teachers to track progress, provide meaningful feedback and differentiate the learning pathways for each student.

EP Economics and Business offers many different formative and summative assessment opportunities together with the option for teachers to create their own assessments and tasks. A number of teacher resources are also available including unit outlines, curriculum alignment documentation and ideas for implementing the smart lesson platform.

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