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Traditionally, consolidation in education occurs after students learn new concepts. Educators – like myself – strive to ensure comprehensive understanding across the classroom. We ask our students to review content, solidify their understanding, confirm their mastery, and then bridge any gaps in knowledge. Without a single, consolidated platform to accommodate each of these steps, students can easily become overwhelmed.

Whilst on my recent school visits in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), I was delighted to see educators using the full Education Perfect (EP) toolkit for consolidation in several interesting and exciting ways.

While visiting these schools, I met teachers using EP in the following creative ways:

To create quick lesson starters

Students spent the first five to ten minutes of every class getting settled by attempting a short quiz. The quiz consisted of ten short questions chosen from an EP question bank with thousands of options. The quiz allowed up to 99 attempts, so students could build on previous mistakes, and improve their knowledge and understanding. Students received immediate visual feedback, exactly how I imagine formative feedback should be provided!

To personalise learning for every student

Teachers supplied students with information slides for their current topic. Students were then tasked with completing an assessment based on the supplied materials in order to gauge their comprehension and learning styles. Based on the results of these assessments, teachers manually provided students with recommended next steps, as proposed by EP. This helped each student bridge the gaps in their learning.

Students were given adapted revision questions as homework. These questions were personalised based on their understanding as indicated in their assessments. This is a great way of focussing on individualised learning and adaptive learning pathways!

To accommodate EP’s suggested Best Practices

This was my favourite use of EP from my school visits! I witnessed teachers using EP’s Rotation Activities and Learning Stations beautifully. The teachers sorted students into groups of four and asked them to reflect on their recent learnings in a computer lab. Students were then provided with four different EP Lessons to revise and a final game of DASH; an interactive activity to see how much knowledge they have retained. Teachers can even play DASH with their students!

While not exhaustive, quick lessons, personalised learning, and best practices are perfect examples of how to consolidate student learning with EdTech. EP’s beauty lies in its capacity to customise and generate personalised resources for every student.

Teachers can create unique lessons and revision material for students that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. With 24/7 support, students can hop onto EP at home, at school – or anywhere with an internet connection.

EP allows students to learn, revise and improve independently. By consolidating learning resources onto a single user-friendly platform, students can engage with content, gamified activities, and revision notes as they like.

How are you consolidating your students’ learnings using EP? Let us know at [email protected]

Author bio

Ravi SekhonΒ | Customer Success Manager (MENA & Europe)
Ravi has spent the last 20 years in education, 13 years internationally. He has held several roles in educational middle management, such as Head of Mathematics, Head of Pastoral and Senior Teacher. Ravi is a keen advocate of educational technology and has helped many schools across Europe and the UAE establish their resources and, more specifically, the EP platform, into their workplaces.


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March 4, 2024

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