Empowering teachers by consolidating EdTech resources


As a Head of Department and dedicated teacher of French, I was responsible for the curriculum development of languages within my school. We would draw from sources, apps and websites to provide students with learning opportunities.

I wanted to provide the best learning experiences for my students. I’d spend my mornings, evenings and weekends searching for new resources, creating assessments, marking student work, and completing administrative tasks. As much as I enjoyed creating meaningful learning experiences for my students, I would have loved a tool that consolidated all this work, and gave me back my weekends!

With more digital tools in classrooms, schools are forced to manage a wide range of educational technology (EdTech). Consolidating these resources is a crucial strategy for streamlining operations, optimising learning outcomes, and creating a more efficient educational environment.

Education Perfect (EP) allows you to consolidate all digital resources onto a single platform, empowering teachers, students and school administrators. Here is an overview of my favourite ways in which EP can consolidate resources:

Library of curriculum-aligned content
EP contains an extensive library of fully customisable content for different subjects and curriculum prescriptions to save teachers time searching for resources.

Learning data and analytics
Through EP’s analytics dashboard, teachers are able to track student growth and make data-driven decisions for every student.

Personalised learning
EP enables teachers to assign lessons to groups or individual students. Teachers can easily assign specific sections of lessons to accommodate individual classroom capabilities.

EP provides students with 24/7 support and actionable feedback as they move through content and assessments. This ensures that students progress at a pace suited to their needs. EP’s lessons also contain extended response questions that students are able to review. Teachers can view submitted responses and provide feedback as required.

Professional development
EP provides teachers with comprehensive professional development resources, including 1:1 tutorials, group training sessions, training videos, webinars, and live events.

Student and administrator benefits
EP consolidates resources to benefit students and administrators as much as teachers.

Through EP, students are able to:

  • Access all language resources anytime, anywhere
  • Track and monitor their own progress
  • Re-take tasks and reset their progress to revise material

EP enables administrators to:

  • Reduce their admin time by taking away the need to manage different platforms
  • Save costs on multiple platform licences

With an increased number of EdTech resources available, schools face increasing pressure to engage students, provide individualised support, cater to teacher well-being, and achieve class results. It’s more important than ever that schools are supported by consolidated resources, allowing teachers to re-invest time back into their classrooms.

Hopefully this article has given you an overview of how EP can solve your consolidation challenges and empower teachers, students, and administrative staff.

What tools have you found useful in consolidating your EdTech resources? Drop us a note at [email protected]!

Author bio

Philippa Kruger | Curriculum Specialist – Global Languages and International Schools
Philippa is a former French teacher, with over a decade of teaching experience, including 5 years as Head of Faculty. For the last nine years, Philippa has worked with EP Languages to transform the platform from a simple vocabulary tool into a learning ecosystem, catering to all language needs.

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