InsightsPro is our advanced Analytics offering for Secondary.

Build a complete student data profile

Connect to all student data sources

InsightsPro brings all your student data together in one place. We can integrate with any school management or assessment system to build a complete picture of student performance

A scalable way to analyse

Our platform transforms student data, quality checking for inconsistencies, to deliver a clean data output you can rely on.

Intuitive design

Data is displayed in visual reports, with the ability to customise outputs to gain wide insights into specific cohorts or deep insights into an individuals history, achievements, progression and wellbeing.

Actionable insights

Our visualisations make it easy for teachers to interpret the story behind the data, identify outliers and drive intervention and differentiated teaching.


“Staff have more time to collaborate together and make strategic educational decisions based on the data, rather than spending time producing the data.” – Wesley College, Melbourne

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