The Future of EdTech

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The Future of EdTech

Why ONE platform for learning, assessment and analytics can change the game

  • Wednesday, 13 March 2024
  • 12pm GST | 4pm SGT
  • 45 mins
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Meet our speakers

Philippa Kruger

Curriculum Specialist (Host), Ex-teacher & Head of Department of 10 years

Ravi Sekhon

Customer Success Manager, Ex-teacher & Head of Department of 20 years

Myles Phelan

Regional Lead, Ex-teacher & Head of Year of 6 years

EdTech is evolving in exciting ways. The future is bright. However, so many schools have different tools for each subject, different tools for assessment and different tools again for analytics. EdTech becomes siloed, inefficient and student growth isn’t enhanced.  There is another way.

Join our host, Philippa, and our speakers, Ravi, and Myles, who will discuss an emerging trend toward consolidating EdTech into ONE tool for learning, assessment, and analytics.

The webinar explores:

  • Importance of EdTech in the classroom
  • Benefits of consolidating EdTech for students, teachers and school leaders
  • Future of EdTech – what’s possible and how to get there

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