Gordon A Brown Middle School

EP supports Gordon A. Brown Middle School’s students with insightful data and interactive assessment tools

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Toronto middle school uses EP for personalized learning and enhanced teaching strategies

Gordon A. Brown Middle School has successfully integrated Education Perfect (EP), using EP analytics to create complete student profiles and differentiate student learning. Patricia Galanis, an experienced Math and Science teacher, discusses the effect that EP has had on her students’ learning styles, teamwork, and knowledge retention.


Gordon A. Brown Middle School

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The Challenge

Gordon A. Brown Middle School was finding it challenging to engage students with diverse learning needs through a one-size-fits-all teaching approach. With limited time in the classroom, teachers weren’t able to fully customize student learning pathways or identify and remedy every individual’s knowledge gaps.

Patricia was also struggling with the time- consuming process of collating and analyzing student data. The school sought out a digital tool that allowed teachers to reinvest their time into building student relationships, and help them cater to different learning needs.

“Students don’t all learn the same way. And that’s what’s good about EP; it’s a visual, interactive lesson plan. It’s hands-on and gives you the information you need, in the way you need it. If students don’t understand a concept, you have the EP platform ready to reinforce those concepts.”

– Patricia Galanis

The Solution

Patricia’s colleague, Sage, learned about EP during a Professional Development workshop. Following this, Gordon A. Brown Middle School initiated a pilot program to integrate EP into its curriculum. After Patricia successfully trialled EP with her students as part of the pilot, both she and Sage approached their principal to begin the process of officially implementing EP into their school.

By introducing the platform to her classroom, Patricia is able to use EP’s wide range of content and assessments to suit every student.

“EP’s assessment tasks challenge students to actually think and apply their knowledge and question things. They enjoy it, and they know what to expect. It’s another tool that reinforces classroom concepts, and it breaks up the students’ days.”

Patricia encourages her students to learn in whichever way suits them and has found that some students even “began to thrive” when they used EP, compared to standardized learning approaches.

“Last year, one student in particular was struggling. And then when she started using EP, her marks went up by 20%. She would see me in the hallway and say, ‘I miss EP’. She was using EP every night and completing the recommended lessons. In the classroom, something was being lost in translation, and EP was filling in the gaps for her. She started thriving. Even she knew it.”

Patricia explains that her students benefit from EP because of the visuals, point-form notes, examples, quizzes, and other ways that the platform breaks down concepts. She says, “The students follow along without being overstimulated by too much information. It’s fun because it’s on a computer. It’s colourful and organized. It gets to the point, and then students get to practice their learning. Then I can go in and edit the lessons to suit each student, or the lesson will automatically adjust to suit and challenge the student.”

The Impact

Patricia has been able to use EP’s data analytics to break down student needs and build individual formative assessments. Patricia explains, “I get to see the overall picture, because EP tells you exactly where students are not performing well. Then I can use that information to reteach or follow up with students. Everything is marked instantaneously, so I can go back and fill in the classes’ learning gaps before we move on to the next concept.”

EP supports a blend of different learning styles. By integrating the platform into her students’ daily habits, Patricia can better differentiate her students’ learning. The digital toolkit offers an enhanced classroom experience for both Patricia and her students.

“The kids like the challenge of EP. I give them the foundational knowledge, and EP increases the learning difficulty. That’s the whole point of Building Thinking Classrooms.”

In future years, Patricia is hoping the school will expand their partnership to offer EP to all grade teachers.

“[My colleague] and I told the other Grade Eight teachers that they need to get their students on EP, because, let’s be honest, we can’t be lecturing the kids for six Math periods a day. They need a break from us. EP is perfect.”

– Patricia Galanis


EP has helped Gordon A. Brown Middle School reinforce its commitment to inclusive practices and personalized learning strategies. Through insightful data analytics and comprehensive assessment tools, EP empowers teachers like Patricia to effectively differentiate student learning, address individual needs, and foster a dynamic classroom environment. The platform’s adaptability and interactive features not only engage Patricia’s students but encourage a deeper understanding of complex concepts.


Mar 28, 2024


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