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webinar·Friday 21 May 2021

Live Q&A with Antarctic Scientists!
Friday 21st May – 1:30pm-2:30pm NZT
Join the Science Alive Mātauranga team and have a chat to three amazing scientists who have been doing the mahi down in the icy continent of Antarctica!

Wolfgang Rack goes to Antarctica every year! He works at the University of Canterbury as a glaciologist. Most of the year, he looks at Antarctic ice through satellites from a comfy desk chair. When he travels to Antarctica in summertime, he flies cool drones and pokes holes into the ice with a drill as big as a tree. You’ll be able to ask Wolfgang yourself whether he’s ever run into any penguins!

Shanelle Dyer studies geography at the University of Canterbury and won a scholarship to go, drumroll, to Antarctica! There, she followed around Weddell seals, orca and minke whales. Her daily job is counting the seals, yes, like 1, 2, 3 … but much bigger numbers. Up to a million and beyond! How? Well, you’ll have to ask Shanelle yourself! Sandy Morrison has never been in Antarctica, but yet she knows much about it. She works at Waikato University in Māori Studies. Sandy is really good at talking to people, like a detective, and finding stories of brave Māori voyagers sailing towards Antarctica a very long time ago. But why are these stories from the past important? Sandy will tell you!

Have some questions ready to ask our scientists about anything Antarctica! How many pairs of socks do they wear each day? Do they see any penguins up close? What do they think is the most important thing to know about Antarctica?

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