Technology is the accelerator. Pedagogy is the driver. The perfect partnership.

Just like Apple’s latest announcement overnight on improving capabilities, user experience and design, we at EP continue to advance our platform’s power to help teachers, students and lifelong learners to improve learning outcomes.

At EP we utilise technology to support and inspire over 800,000 students and 60,000 teachers worldwide, daily.

We believe in creating lifelong learners and that pedagogy must drive technology, not the other way around.

At EP, to ensure positive learning outcomes, we make learning fun, engaging and meaningful. We work with teachers, both within our team and across our wide school network, to design rich, differentiated learning experiences for all students. This is what drives our platform development; collaborating with educators worldwide helps us to humanise technology.

Developing a user-friendly program that enables teachers to save time, customise content, gain useful data and engage students, is a staple, across mobile, tablet and desktop. A seamless experience that harnesses technology, driven by sound pedagogy.

We empower teachers and constantly incorporate and build on feedback received from our growing community. The power of the platform is that it enables teachers to adapt the tools in creative ways. Whether it’s flipping the classroom, setting quick-fire tests, or developing personalised learning plans, the options are endless.

“EP has been excellent in being able to set tasks, homework and tests. It is really user friendly in being able to track student progress; you can easily see who has completed tasks, what level they are at and what you may need to focus on to be able to help individuals and the class. It’s also very user friendly.” – Ingrid Rucinski from St. Peters Lutheran College.

“Loving the parent engagement that EP provides. Thrilled to see those first responders amongst my students jump on board and I’m enjoying supporting them with feedback and targeted lessons, quizzes and assessments. So far I’ve discovered quality content aligned to the curriculum that is well presented and stepped out to be both inviting and challenging.” – Michelle Huma from Comet Bay College.

At EP we strive to help design inspired futures and with Apple’s latest annual release, it is timely to explore how to seamlessly marry both pedagogy and technology in the classroom.

As a lifelong learner, you can be the one to take charge of technology integration in your classroom. And if you need some inspiration, get in touch with us, we’re more than happy to help.