Curriculum Aligned


Aligned with the Australian, Victorian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus for Year 5 to 10

New Zealand

Created specifically for NZ Curriculum Levels 3 to 6 and NCEA Level 1-3 standards

Differentiated learning in your class

Use our assessments alongside targeted remediation to drive an individualised learning pathway for each student. Your students will always have the next steps to move on to.

Consolidation and revision

Our comprehensive content combined with advanced learning features makes it easy to embed and reinforce student learning. Prepare your students for the next learning experience.

Content mastery

Each lesson requires students to ‘master’ each question section; they need to answer enough questions correctly to complete a lesson.

Your complete Maths solution

Education Perfect Maths offers an engaging online mathematics learning experience for students and in-depth, analytical features for teachers.

Flip your classroom

Using our extensive range of curriculum-aligned learning resources, maximise in-class productivity and flip your classroom with ease.

Pre- and post-testing

Track student growth between pre- and post-tests, identify weaknesses and target remediation. Develop struggling learners and provide extended learning opportunities for advanced students.

Formative assessment

Create assessments from existing content or custom pre-built assessments, informing students of what they do and don’t know and providing them an individual learning pathway.

Advanced handwriting recognition

Handwriting recognition software and line-by-line marking designed to give students accurate and informative feedback on their answers.

NAPLAN resources

Our assessment platform provides pre- and post-testing for NAPLAN Practice tests.

Literacy and Numeracy

Support literacy and numeracy development with differentiated resources, empowering the progression of literacy and numeracy and promoting a cross curricular approach.


Amy Theobald

  • The Glennie School

An excellent tool to allow students to self-manage and self-pace their learning. I love the recommended lessons feature, that provides lesson suggestions to students based on the areas of their knowledge that require further development. Used for formative assessment, the data collection and analysis saves so much time that I can now spend on tailoring lessons to suit a wider range of learning needs!