A holistic language learning platform

Our languages programme includes speaking and writing practice, listening and reading comprehension, grammar lessons and vocabulary for primary through to secondary levels in the following languages:

Original scaffolded listening and reading texts

Original listening and reading comprehension texts include a wide variety of text types, with listening comprehension texts all recorded by native speakers. All activities are scaffolded and incorporate different levels of thinking.

Compare and contrast pronunciation

A speaking practice section which allows students to record, compare and contrast their pronunciation against native speaker recordings. Teachers can provide feedback on student recordings, and students are able to self-moderate and give each other feedback.

Practise writing skills in context

Students practise their writing skills in context. Teachers can view and provide feedback, on their students' writing.

Comprehensive and fully customisable vocabulary revision package

In addition to the core language learning courses, a comprehensive and fully customisable vocabulary revision package is included, based on the principle of spaced repetition to improve student vocabulary retention.

Your complete Languages solution

Education Perfect Languages is an online language learning platform to cater for all your language learning needs.

Extensive curriculum coverage

Content is developed for language learning, from primary right through to senior secondary and tertiary levels.

Teacher development

A teacher guide section including useful documents such as unit outlines, curriculum alignment maps, listening transcripts for all listening activities and ideas on how to use Education Perfect Languages effectively and creatively in the classroom.

Formative and summative assessment

Create assessments from existing content or use pre-built assessments with new questions, providing teachers with in-depth data and informing students of what they do and don’t know and providing them with a recommended individualised learning pathway.

True differentiated learning

Students can work at their own pace. Teachers can set different tasks for different students. Learning pathways can be set based on student assessment results, with the ability to combine elementary and beginner content, catering for classes with different language proficiencies.

Tiffany Centelles

  • Berwick Grammar School

Education Perfect has been such a great tool for our boys! Students have been able to individualise their learning while enjoying an aspect of competition. The new added feature of Languages in Action has assisted me in providing students with additional exercises where teachers can target individual students’ weaknesses. The assessment tool is also terrific and it keeps my students on their toes for impromptu vocabulary tests. We, students and teachers, have both benefited from the use of Education Perfect!