Year 9 Civics and Citizenship

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EP Civics and Citizenship provides an interactive and engaging resource to help students become proficient at a Year 9 level. EP Civics and Citizenship is fully curriculum aligned with thousands of smart lessons designed to meet students where they are at and provide continuously evolving learning pathways.

The EP smart lesson platform provides a wide range of highly engaging and rigorous resources that cover the range of topics encompassed in Year 9 Civics and Citizenship. EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship provides a comprehensive curriculum aligned library of interactive and customisable resources that facilitate effective learning and critical thinking.

EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship can be used outside of the school environment for independent learning at home under the direction of parents, who can assign tasks and track their children’s progress. EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship smart lessons provide an all inclusive solution for improving students’ fluency in key skills and extending their thinking through a range of problem solving activities.

EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship content teaches students key concepts and skills through scaffolded lessons that they can navigate independently. Students can complete activities at their own pace and are provided with instant feedback on their progress, with the automatic marking system allowing for instant formative assessment and evaluation of performance.

Comprehensive analytics are also provided to give parents confidence in tracking their child’s development with EP smart lesson reports and assessment resources identifying areas of strength and areas for growth.

The EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship resources provide an extensive coverage of the curriculum and allows teachers to effectively deliver content, while buying back time for more hands-on, inquiry-based experiences with students in the classroom. The resources within EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship provide a deep coverage of the curriculum and can be used to replace a textbook, alongside one, to facilitate a flipped classroom or establish a blended learning environment.

EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship smart lessons consist of gamified quizzes, multimedia resources and assessment for learning tasks ensuring students are authentically engaged and teachers can easily track and monitor progress. Automatically generated progress and assessment reports allow for automatic or manual assignment of specific content to support students on an individual basis.

The incorporation of EP Year 9 Civics and Citizenship smart lessons facilitates a personalised learning approach for students that will help teachers focus their time on more interpersonal and inquiry-based learning opportunities in the classroom by saving planning, marking and data analysis time.

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