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EP Civics and Citizenship is an online teaching and learning resource that enables teachers and students to meet the requirements of the Year 7 Civics and Citizenship curriculum. The EP smart lesson platform provides a wide range of highly engaging and rigorous resources that cover the range of topics encompassed in Year 7 Civics and Citizenship including Citizenship Diversity and Identity, Government and Democracy and Laws and Citizens.

EP Year 7 Civics and Citizenship provides a comprehensive curriculum aligned library of interactive and customisable resources that facilitate critical thinking and the effective learning of key skills. The EP smart lesson platform also provides limitless opportunities for students to practice and hone their skills in Year 7 Civics and Citizenship, with extensive analytics also providing transparency in relation to students’ progress and identifying the areas where improvement is required.

EP Civics and Citizenship for Year 7 students consists of a comprehensive bank of levelled, curriculum aligned content filled with engaging, fun, interactive and challenging tasks and activities. EP resources are aligned to the curriculum for Year 7, providing hundreds of lessons and assessments on the essential knowledge, understanding and skills strands of the curriculum.

EP Year 7 Civics and Citizenship smart lessons help students build their confidence with new skills and grow their problem solving strategies through scaffolded lessons with extensive supporting notes, explanations, interactive content, practice questions and model answers. Students can complete activities at their own pace and are provided with instant feedback on their progress, with the automatic marking system allowing for instant formative assessment and evaluation of performance.

The resources within EP Year 7 Civics and Citizenship provide a deep coverage of the curriculum and provide invaluable data on your child’s progress. Parents can utilize EP smart lesson reports and assessment resources to pre-test, post-test and compare assessments and identify areas of strengths, areas for development and growth data. EP Year 7 Civics and Citizenship assessments also recommend next steps for your child and enable the creation of individualised learning pathways.

The resources within EP Year 7 Civics and Citizenship provide a thorough coverage of the curriculum and allow teachers to effectively deliver content, while buying back time for more hands-on, inquiry-based experiences with students in the classroom. EP Civics and Citizenship is designed to support teachers in delivering the Year 7 curriculum by facilitating effective pedagogy through engaging and rigorous resources.

A flipped classroom approach can be facilitated with EP’s ability to assign and assess content outside of the classroom, while supplying teachers with invaluable data to inform and differentiate the learning program. EP Civics and Citizenship simultaneously supports assessment for learning by allowing teachers to access data pertaining to all levels of learning and progress.

EP Year 7 Civics and Citizenship assessments recommend next steps for each student to create an individual learning pathway, allowing the program to support teachers to differentiate the learning for each student.

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