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EP Health and PE is an online teaching and learning resource that helps teachers and students to meet the requirements of the Year 8 Health and PE curriculum. Content is available through an extensive bank of interactive resources that cover the topics of promoting health, evaluating health information and strategies to seek help. Each of these topics contain interactive and engaging lessons that will address the theoretical components of the Health and PE Year 8 curriculum, including a range of glossary activities to help with the understanding of key terms. Each of these tasks come with regular knowledge checks, ensuring that students are progressing through the lesson and developing an understanding of the content delivered.

EP Health and PE is an online teaching and learning resource that helps teachers to support their students when meeting outcomes required for the Year 8 Health and PE curriculum. An extensive bank of resources are available for teachers to use alongside their own teaching strategies to deliver content that covers units of work including health promotion, evaluating health information and developing strategies to seek help. The scaffolded nature of these resources allow teachers to use them as a homework tool or as a textbook replacement as each task comes with regular knowledge checks allowing the teacher to track student progression and performance. Teachers are able to provide students with detailed feedback on their achievement and gather valuable data through the use of the resources as formative and summative assessment tools.

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