Curriculum Aligned


Aligned with the Australian and NSW Syllabus for Year 7 to 10.

Flexible and adaptable across a wide range of curriculum.

Develop growth mindset

Develop a growth mindset in students through self-paced lessons based on the mastery model.

Free teacher time

Maximise opportunities for experiential learning with differentiated Smart Lessons providing opportunities for a flipped classroom approach.

Interactive, engaging online lessons

Each lesson is developed with the focus on maximising student engagement through thought-provoking, interactive Smart Lessons.

Your complete Health and Physical Education solution

Expose students to critical, life-long skills and capabilities. Create meaningful change in your Health and Physical Education classroom with over 150 cutting edge learning resources releasing in 2019.

Customise your own learning library

Tailor resources specific to your cohort using our extensive range of curriculum-aligned learning resources, or create your own lessons within the Education Perfect platform.

Formative assessment

Create assessments from existing content or custom pre-built assessments, informing students of what they do and don’t know and providing them an individual learning pathway.

Actionable diagnostics

Detailed diagnostics for each student, including the ability to monitor improvement over time, ensures that you can maximise learning outcomes for each student.

Michael Graham

  • Matraville Sports High School

Education Perfect. You are the light that guides my pedagogy. You are the key that unlocks potential. You are the rock on which programs are built and, You are the wind that shapes young minds. Thank you.