Curriculum Aligned


Aligned with the Australian, Victorian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus for Year 7 and 8.

Flexible and adaptable across a wide range of curriculum.

Self-paced learning

Students are empowered through self-paced content, with the ability for teachers to fully differentiate, developed by our team of content experts.

Flip your classroom

Using our extensive range of curriculum-aligned learning resources, maximise in-class productivity and flip your classroom with ease.

Develop 21st century skills

Develop critical, creative thinking skills, enabling students to work collaboratively in a rapidly changing world.

Your complete Digital Technologies solution

Education Perfect Digital Technologies maximises student engagement and understanding of concepts in this new curriculum area.

Content Depth and Breadth

50 curriculum-aligned, scaffolded Smart Lessons provide content coverage across all junior secondary Digital Technologies topics, from the history of communication technologies through to binary code.


All activities are highly interactive, and developed to ensure that students are engaged at all stages of their learning journey.

Maximise teacher impact

Information slides clearly teach the content, with automatically marked questions based on the mastery model.

Gamified learning consolidation

The highly popular Dash feature consolidates student learning through a fun gaming environment.

Rahmi Jackson

  • Broughton Anglican College

We have been trialling Education Perfect lessons over the past term and our students (and staff) are hooked! This is a teacher’s package that actually makes our jobs easier. We’ve used Education Perfect for flipped learning (both in and out of the classroom), extension, revision, pre & post-testing, differentiated learning, diagnostic testing, exam preparation, homework and formative assessment. The package provides informative tracking of students, and the students love the gamification elements.