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The EP smart lesson platform supports students in meeting the requirements of the Common Core curriculum whilst simultaneously providing insights into each student’s personalised learning journey. EP smart lessons are designed and scaffolded in order to facilitate independent learning and increase intrinsic motivation by providing engaging, challenging and thought provoking activities. Teachers and parents alike are also able to utilise the EP smart lesson platform in order to assign tasks and track progress both within the classroom or at home. EP capitalises on gamified quizzes, summative assessment capability and continuous tracking in order to provide teachers and parents insights into each child’s individual progress and development.

The EP Common Core curriculum smart lessons allow students to build independent learning skills by using automatic feedback to guide their personalised journey through coursework. Self monitoring is further supported by constant explanation and guidance provided to students upon the submission of all tasks. EP content teaches students how to research and investigate through smart lessons that contain extensive supporting notes, explanations, interactive content, practice questions and model answers.

Automatically generated progress and assessment reports enable teachers to easily track and monitor progress whilst allowing for automatic or manual assignment of specific content to support students on an individual basis. This facilitates a personalised learning approach and reduces admin load thus allowing teachers to focus their time on building meaningful relationships and engaging students interpersonally with the knowledge that the smart lesson platform will track, report and collate student progress data automatically.

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