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Does your child need support with the Australian Homeschool Curriculum?

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Does your child need support with an Australian Homeschool Curriculum?

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Home school parents, caregivers, and home educators have the primary responsibility educating their children, and monitoring the quality of their children’s education by creating a robust learning plan and regularly reflecting on progress made. Because of this, distance education can often feel daunting for a homeschool family at various stages throughout the process. With EP, homeschooling parents can create a customized educational plan for each child, whilst ensuring that your child’s needs are met by the education that you provide.

Homeschooling focuses on the importance of parents and caregivers facilitating their children’s learning by connecting materials and curricula with each child’s interests, together with an environment that allows children the time to explore and discover. What EP provides is the perfect educational software to meet all of these requirements whilst fully supporting each child’s individual learning style in a fun, rewarding and uniquely customisable way.

The EP platform consists of thousands of our smart lessons that have been designed in order to seamlessly align with the requirements of your choosen curriculum; facilitating successful, fun and engaging learning for all children at home. EP is an invaluable teaching resource that can be used by children at home to learn independently under the direction of their parents, who are able to assign tasks and track their children’s progress easily and efficiently.

With the EP smart lesson platform homeschooling parents can have complete confidence and peace of mind knowing that all lessons contain core learning resources including videos, text, diagrams and interactive automatically marked questions, all of which are fully aligned to their selected curriculum

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