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EP Health & PE provides a range of Australian Curriculum aligned resources for students studying Health & PE in Years 7 to 10. Highly scaffolded and interactive lessons are available to meet the theory components of the Australian Health & PE Curriculum. These resources help students to explore concepts that are taught in the Australian Curriculum in a number of ways with a wide range of questioning techniques to assess understanding. All activities within the EP Health & PE content library are designed to ensure that students are able to work independently on the lessons, while teachers are provided with unparalleled data to support their students in their learning.

The resources within EP Health and PE provide a deep coverage of topics covered within the Australian curriculum. These topics are addressed in a range of lessons to help students develop an understanding of the importance of each, while offering opportunities for students to develop resilience and the tools necessary to live as active and healthy members of their community.

For each of these units, highly scaffolded and interactive Health and PE smart lessons are available to teach all of the individual concepts addressed in a way that allows students to develop an understanding of the topic independently. Information slides are followed by knowledge checks containing automatically marked questions so that students are able to track their progress while working through lessons. Glossary lists are also available to help students to strengthen their understanding of the key terms they are required to know.

EP Health and PE is uniquely designed to help students to meet the requirements of the curriculum by providing highly engaging and rigorous resources that address theoretical outcomes of the subject. For each of these units, specific Health and PE smart lessons are available to teach the individual concepts addressed in each such as Promoting Health and Wellbeing and Promoting Inclusivity in Communities. The incorporation of EP Health and PE smart lessons into the classroom will help teachers to buy back time for practical learning opportunities in the classroom by saving planning, marking and data analysis time.

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