Science Alive Mātauranga

Science Alive & Education Perfect are partnering to help students to explore the wonder of science, innovation and technology online, like never before.

On a mission to inspire young learners to develop 21st century skills that will equip them for the jobs of the future, our cross-curricular resources interwoven with mātauranga Māori are not only relevant and engaging but completely free to all learners across Aotearoa New Zealand!

Gamechangers: In our Footsteps

Discover the legend and hone the skills!

Gamechangers is a digital resource that empowers students with vital skills for the 21st century.

Who better to learn 21st century skills from than our own Gamechangers right here in Aotearoa New Zealand! A range of experts in the fields of Science, Innovation and Technology provide advice and strategies from their own experiences encouraging rangatahi to lay down footsteps of their own.


Te Ara Ako

Te Ara Ako

Ko ia kāhore nei i rapu, tē kitea: Those who do not seek will not find.

A rigorous template for the thinking and design process, Te Ara Ako is the foundation for our authentic and scaffolded project-based learning experiences. Rich in opportunity for developing competencies vital for 21st century learners, they inspire students to make an impact in their local community.

Antarctic Adventures

See it! Love it! Save it!

Engage our rangatahi in the science and environment of Te Tiri O Te Moana (Antarctica). Antarctic Adventures equips ākonga with mātauranga they can apply in our own backyard.

In collaboration with the International Antarctic Centre, Science Alive and Education Perfect have created the Antarctic Adventures module to inspire and engage students in the science and technology of Antarctica!

Antarctic Adventures
Living world

Te Taiao: Our Natural World

Piki mai kake mai ki ēnei akoranga on Te Taiao: Our Natural World!

With curriculum-aligned interactive lessons, ākonga wander our natural world, dive deep into the moana to investigate our native seaweed, travel to Rotorua to learn about our geothermal geysers, or dig into the history of our number one staple, kūmara!

Through hands-on investigations, ākonga are able to gain practical knowledge about our environment, exploring their backyards to find pepeke (insects), examine Hinekirikiri and what lives between tides and much more!