Curriculum Aligned


Aligned with the Australian, Victorian Curriculum and NSW Syllabus for Year 5 to 10.

New Zealand

Coverage of NZC Levels 3 to 6 and NCEA standards.

Advancing the development of literate and numerate students

Aligned to the learning continuum of literacy and numeracy, Education Perfect provides a range of resources across all elements that explicitly teach literacy and numeracy building in complexity through learning levels.

Cross-curricular approach to holistic literacy and numeracy development

Education Perfect is committed to applying our Literacy Framework across all lessons in all subject areas. The Cross-curricular folder in our content library will progressively be filled with cross-disciplinary resources that facilitate holistic literacy improvement. A number of teacher guides and resources will also be offered to contribute to the consistent professional development in literacy for teachers.

Martin Mitchell

  • Caloundra State High School

Education Perfect does what its name implies, simplifies access for students  to provide an easy to engage with interface to developing their literacy skills. It challenges them in their learning and offers modern visual learners the keys to successful development and prompt feedback.