EP Homeschooling Scope

How we align to your specific needs.

Our EP content is aligned to a number of different curricula, including all Australian States, New Zealand, IB and Cambridge. For each curriculum, we have a separate Content Library that arranges our folders and lessons differently to align with the curriculum selected.

The steps below will walk you through how EP can help with your Homeschooling registration process.

  • Download our curriculum outlines to provide a scope of what your child will learn.
  • Download our weekly planning template.
  • Find a full record of your child’s learning – automatically recorded.

1. Download your curriculum scope

2. Download our weekly planning template

Weekly Planner

3. Find your child’s complete learning record

Complete learning record

See individual child answers

Track gaps in learning

Need an extra hand?

Schedule in a time to chat with our Homeschooling Community Leader