Personalised learning. Impactful.

We provide the right balance between challenge and support through personalised, adaptive learning. Empower your students with automated differentiation and creative, engaging classroom activities

Engaging learning. Fun.

Our Smart Lessons facilitate agency and progress through scaffolded learning activities and targeted interwoven assessment tasks. Encourage your students with fun, data driven learning to foster measurable success

Rich reporting & data insights. Useful.

We save you time by facilitating your planning, resourcing, tracking and reporting all in the same place. Our rich reporting & insights simplify your admin so you have more time to spend with your students and can apply learning data in meaningful ways

Comparison reports

Along with formative and summative assessment data, teachers can access comparison reporting, which illustrates the progress of each student over time.

Curriculum aligned content. Comprehensive.

We provide you with an ever growing library of over 35,000+ rich curriculum aligned and customisable lessons across a wide range of subjects. Students will enjoy content that is well researched, highly accessible and designed to promote a growth mindset

Great user support. Promise.

Just like effective teaching, our support team operates with compassion and care.  Available 24/7, experienced educators will respond to your questions in minutes; answers to inquiries, professional development and useful tips are always nearby

‘Help & Support’

Teachers can browse the extensive help centre for simple step-by-step guides on a broad scope of topics about the platform functionalities and how these can be utilised in the classroom – click here!