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Here you can find recordings of all sessions from the EPIC 2021 Conference on 16th June
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Stephen Cox, CEO of Osiris Educational, gives practical guidance on how to build independent learning in all your children. The what, why and how to implement Independent Learning in your setting.

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What are the effects of COVID not only on the market, but on enrolments, recruitments, IT provisions and wellbeing? Doris Suchet, School Development Manager at ISC Research, discusses how market data & intelligence can support school business decisions.

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It is so important for our students to study, but what is more important, is how to support this whilst teaching online or in a blended learning environment. In this panel discussion three Science HODs and STEM leaders – Melissa Musgrove, Chris Triandafilidis and Aisling Crowe, explore some of the ways that teachers and schools can support and encourage STEM and Enquiry Based Learning whilst teaching virtually.

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“It’s ok to jump in when you don’t always know what’s on the other side!”
In this session, Nicola Nelson and Jane Scott discuss the advice that they wish they had known and followed when they took that first step on the ladder of leadership in schools.

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In an age where we have had the internet for over a quarter of a century, and laptops have been in schools for over 30 years, social media and mobile electronic devices have become a hot topic in education. Misunderstanding it, and failing to educate youngsters and adults on how to use it appropriately, can lead to upset, and frustration regarding how schools manage the technologies and associated applications. David Ardley discusses how to harness the power of social media.

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In this round table discussion Phil Jury , Dr. Kirrilee Hughes, Divya Kohli, Liam Isaac, Tanya Wilson and Alison Ford explore their experiences with the changes that education has recently undergone. Why it took a global pandemic to prompt such changes and why could it not have happened earlier? It is imperative that we now take time to capitalise on what has been learnt and shape the future of education.

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Max Humpston, Head of Growth & Editorial at the International Schools Network, along with Sian May and Sharon Gillette discuss the importance and benefits of building strong networks and relationships, both within and across international schools globally. How to develop genuine cohesion amongst staff, students and parents – both during ‘business as usual’ as well as in a crisis. They discuss the challenges therein and how we can take learnings over the last year to implement impactful incremental change across the sector.

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With 16 years of teaching experience in China, co-founder of Venture Education, Julian Fisher discusses the history, challenges and opportunities in the largest education sector on earth. Julian covers the history of Chinese education and how each era has shaped education today. His wealth of knowledge about this country creates a fascinating and informative session.

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In this session Simon Mann, Principal at Dover Court International School, Singapore, reviews what has been learnt about schools and schooling over the past 15 months, he explores how this knowledge and understanding can be used to enhance our schools, practices and personal skills. This session integrates personal approaches to wellbeing with some analysis of the success (or otherwise!) of whole school initiatives that have been designed to embed wellbeing into their work.

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Authors Professor Allan Walker, Darren Bryant and Ewan Wright from the The Education University of Hong Kong discuss their large-scale research project exploring student leadership across the global network of Round Square schools. Data is drawn from 8000 students and teachers in 34 countries. Findings include how students conceptualise leadership, how they build leadership skills and how they perceive the impact of their leadership. Walker, Bryant and Wright also discuss how the paper highlights the potential of young people’s capacity to drive positive change.

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Brian Oshiro, Education Perfect’s Teaching Consultant for North Asia provides teachers with practical pointers for enhancing critical thinking in both the synchronous and asynchronous online learning environment. Brian examines key principles, case studies, and lessons learned from lockdown.

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We know the future is one of rapid change, but what exactly does that mean, and how can we best prepare our students for its challenges? Brett Schilke, Social Impact Architect & Storyteller for the Future, shares his insights and stories from a fascinating and deeply explorative 15 years of research into the evolution of society and education in a rapidly changing world.

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Educators and students did not choose the disruption that turned the world upside down with the pandemic. Yet both have kept the teaching and learning space steady amidst one of the most challenging times in human history. Dr. Feyi Obamehinti, Managing Director at Ravi LLC discusses the idea of the Compassionate Classroom and examines the values and concepts that allow educators to lead themselves and their students well to innovate and pivot successfully.

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Dr. Helen Kelly, researcher, writer and speaker in the field of wellbeing discusses recent research on the wellbeing of international school teachers and leaders. She discusses the main stressors that teachers and learners encounter in the workplace and gives practical tips and advice on what schools can do to provide better wellbeing support.

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Data is an important ingredient to improving educational outcomes. Indeed, as W. E. Deming has said, “Without data, you’re just a person with an opinion”. In education, though, reality is much more complex. In this session, targeted at principals and school leaders, Dr. Tim O’Leary, Founding Consultant at Education Data Talks thinks more holistically about the use of data within schools. The session focuses on some of Tim’s favorite things – including the why, how and what of data in education.

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We can’t avoid change! Whether it’s going from face to face to online learning and back again. Or implementing new initiatives and programmes of learning. There’s no doubt that change is hard. However, if we understand the brain, we can change the way we manage change in schools for the better. In this session, for leaders and teachers, Dr. Sarah Howling, Founder of Connection Revolution, explores how neuroscience can help us thrive through change and give practical tips to create healthier, happier, and higher achieving schools.

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