EPeeps Rose Moulder | Account Executive

Hi! I’m Rose. I’m coming up to 2 years at EP and I joined the team back in August of 2019 after finishing university. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education and minoring in Criminology at the University of Otago. When I left uni, I was honestly just looking for any job to get me through to the end of the year, as I was planning to move home to Auckland and do my post grad in primary teaching. I ended up landing a role with EP as a Customer Support Assistant and haven’t looked back since. I spent the first year and a half at EP in that initial role and loved it, however more recently I have progressed into an Account Executive role working with our NSW team and at the end of last year I DID end up making my move to Auckland, however not leaving EP behind! I now work full time from home. 


Why do you love working at EP?

I love working at EP because of the people and culture! My co-workers that I get to work with on a daily basis are all amazing at what they do and everyone is so supportive and inspirational. The culture of the company is something I always rave about, when I was based in Dunedin there was always something going on to bring people together, such as Friday drinks, Lunch n Learns, end of year Christmas parties and so much more!I thought when I moved remote that I might miss out on all of the activities but I am still feeling as involved as ever with a trip to Dunedin coming up at the end of the month.


What does a typical day look like for you in your role?

A typical day for me starts with cuddles with my kitten….and then straight into work! I begin by checking my emails and replying to anything that came in overnight. I then check the calendars of the Business Developers and Teacher Consultants that I work with to see if there are any upcoming school visits. I work around the schools that they are already visiting and spend my day reaching out to other schools in nearby areas to see whether they would also like a visit from us. I also spend time helping out with any admin related tasks that come up for the team when they’re on the road.


Favourite feature of the platform?

My favourite feature of the platform would have to be targeted remediation. I love how individualised it makes each student’s learning journey and can immediately show teachers where there might be gaps that need to be addressed. I just think it is invaluable to teachers and something I would definitely use myself in the classroom. 


What do you look forward to most in your role?

Recently I went on a trip to Sydney to work with my team over there and after being there for 2 weeks, I saw how great it was to be on ground with my team and creating in-person relationships with teachers. For that reason I hope to make the move over in the next year or so and I am super excited for that new chapter in both my work and personal life! 

What is your secret talent?

For my whole childhood and teenage years I was a cheerleader with Team NZ, so my secret talent is still being able to do a backflip.


Tell us about a time when you viewed an event or occurrence as a negative, though in hindsight it turned out to be a positive.

Probably when I graduated University. I really wanted to go straight into my post-grad but I had to wait until the beginning of the next year and get a job for the interim. If it wasn’t for that I would never have become an EPeep. 

Tell us about your pet(s)!

For my birthday in April I became a cat mum and got a kitten! His name is Leo and he is a ginger tabby. I just don’t know how I got through my work from home days before I had him!


Any last words?

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me! If you could like to connect, feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn here.