EPeeps Kris Roberts | Content Team Manager – Maths

Today we introduce you to the clever, curious and creative Mathematics Content Manager, Kris Roberts! Kris has been with EP for 3.5 years and has a passion for education, mathematics and his one year old pup, Delphie! Read more about why Kris became an EPeep and what he’s most excited about.

Meet Kris

Hey, I’m Kris, the Mathematics Content Manager. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the mathematics team for the past three years. I’m very fortunate in my role that I get to be a part of two teams within the content department, the maths team and the management team. Both are incredible groups of people working hard each day to produce the best resources possible. In the evenings after work, you’ll usually find me at the dog park with my one-year-old puppy, Delphie. I’m also an avid tabletop role-playing gamer, both playing and running games weekly.

Why EP

Before joining EP, I was studying physics at Otago University. Through my postgraduate studies there, I became involved in outreach and science communication activities and these were the most rewarding experiences at uni. EP offered me the opportunity to continue to share my passion for education and mathematics with an incredibly wide audience of students.

Goals for the next 3 months

My primary work goal as a manager is to support my team to reach their goals, helping them to upskill and extend their instructional design skills. This provides me with the opportunity to develop my people management skills. A personal goal I’ve been working on is improving my house and property for the last two years. I’m very much looking forward to having all the planned changes complete in the next few months. My goal is to take the time to enjoy the completed projects before starting on a new one.

Favourite feature of the platform?

The working formula, hands down. This component allows students to write line-by-line working and receive feedback at each step to guide them along the way to solving mathematical problems. It’s such a unique and powerful tool for helping students to show their working, as they need to do in their assessments.

Last book you read

The last book I read was The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited!, the second graphic novel adaption of the D&D podcast. It’s a great read if you’re into light-hearted fantasy.

Morning routine

A morning cuddle with Delphie always starts the day right. On the way into work, I stop by Vogel Street Kitchen for one of their great scones. Each day the content managers have a stand-up to plan the day ahead. Once I get to my laptop, I catch up on Slack and emails and then get to the day’s project.

What surprised you about EP

From my first day to this day, I’m continually blown away by the amazing people that make up EP. There is so much talent and passion in my colleagues. Everyone brings their own unique perspectives and the myriad of skills they’ve obtained and collaborates to create lessons that are so much more than the sum of their parts.

Your adorable pup, Delphine!

Delphie is my one-year-old spoodle (a cocker spaniel-poodle cross). She’s a fourth-generation puppy and has the weirdest mix of traits. I’m allergic to most dogs so wanted a poodle cross to reduce the chance of allergies. Fortunately, I’m not allergic to Delphie, despite her shedding. She’s got the most amazing colouring and has been compared to everything from crème brûlée to a sandy beach. She was born black then faded to a sandy brown except for a black stripe down her back and now is a golden brown with black highlights. She’s a frustratingly clever puppy, she picks up on games and tricks very quickly but is also very quick to find any way through fences and into the neighbours.

Most excited about?

I’ve recently demolished two sheds in my backyard and cleared space for a garage. I’m very much looking forward to having that cleaned up so I’ve got a usable backyard again. Work-wise, my favourite component, the working formula, now has a dedicated engineer. The working formula is our line-by-line mathematics component, allowing students to receive feedback at each step to guide them along the way to solving problems. I’m very excited to see the improvements that will be possible with their expertise.